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Flashpoint Lazer Clinic

We specialize in safely and effectively removing tattoos in a clinical setting. Our certified lazer technicians provide unsurpassed quality service.

Flashpoint Lazer Clinic is committed to upholding the highest quality treatment. We provide services that allow people to rethink their outlook on tattoo's being permanent.

We provide lazer tattoo removal service which can dramatically change a persons appearance. Tattoo renewal can also promote a new and fresh start by making and old tattoo that a person may hide, into something beautiful that they would be happy to show their family and friends.

People of all walks of life have tattoo's. 1 in 4 people in Canada has a tattoo. There is a time and place for everything. When the time comes for tattoo removal or renewal Flashpoint Laser Clinic is here to see you through.

Tattoo Removal Client

I was very happy to find out that I could do something with my old tattoo!!. I responded to an add in the local paper, Also seeing Maxine Daharts Business section. I gave Mark a call and booked a consultation. When we started talking about the tattoo on my hand, I found Mark to be quite informative on the method of the procedures and deciding how many treatments the tattoo may need to fully remove it. Going to someone who has a background in the tattoo industry makes sense!!  My tattoo was a wedding band from my Ex husband and I was grateful to have it gone. The tattoo took 2 treatments to fully get rid of and it was worth every penny!! I have recomended flashpoint laser clinic to a girlfriend of mine already who has a tattoo on her hip from "Back in the day" ..She is in the process of getting rid of it!! Thanks again Mark for making this experience a great one.

Kathy Sloan | Kelowna  BC

Tattoo Removal Client

My name is Cheryl Bank, I have had a tattoo for the last 20 years that I have not been proud of. The tattoo I have been getting removal treatments on was an older style dragon with very thick lines. It was hard to make out the design because it was so blurred together. I came to flashpoint laser clinic to see Mark not realizing I would have so many options for my old tattoo. I decided to do medical laser treatments to be rid of my old tattoo once and for all!!!! The treatments I have received have been amazing!!. The clinic is very clean and proffessional and I felt comfortable with the process right from the consultation. During the treatment cold ice packs were used to keep the area of my skin cool and I experienced very little discomfort. Mark is a great technician and was clear on what to expect from these procedures. I will recomend him to anyone looking to rid of that old tattoo!!!!

Cheryl Bank | Penticton  BC

Tattoo Client

My name is Ashley Fontaine. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Beaulieu for the last ten years. In this time I have referred Marks work to many of my friends, As well I have received 4 tattoos from him myself. In every case the client has been not only pleased but also very impressed with Marks talent, patience, and dedication to his work. The last tattoo Mark did for me was very important. I had him do a memorial tattoo for my grandfather who passed away. He was very close to me and it was very important that it was perfect. Mark spent many hours dedicated to designing a tattoo that incorporated all the things I wanted. While receiving the tattoo Mark was very respectful, professional, and considerate. I would highly recommend Mark and I will be back to get more work done in the future.

Ashley Fontaine | Kelowna BC.

Tattoo Client

My first tattoo I ever got was over 8 years ago. Since then I have had Mark design and place 4 more tattoos for me. His craftsmanship as a skilled tattoo artist comes from his relentless pursuit of perfection. His work ethic and dedication to his clients is what makes his so successful. Mark in my eyes is someone who is very personable and will adapt to meet the needs of a full range of clients. His good sense of humor and charm makes him a good person to deal with when making a body alteration like a tattoo. He will give you the straight up goods.

Austin Reles | Edmonton Alberta

Tattoo Client

I got my tattoo only 5 months ago. I was very impressed with the ideas and concepts that were created by Mark. He is brilliant when it comes to design and lays the stencil out with precision placement. I was confident that I would get a good job, but when I saw the finished product... It blew me away!!! After the tattoo was done, I showed it to everyone and they loved it!! I have since givin many people Business cards of Marks... I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an amazing experience!! Any future tattoos, I will have done at the Flashpoint studio. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let people know how great your work is.

MaryAnn Gay | Kelowna BC.

Tattoo Client

I got my first tattoos from Mark a couple of years ago. With his level of professionalism, paired with his great sense of humor, He almost makes you forget he’s working. Always helping to make it a great experience. His work is the greatest compliment, It goes without saying, I continually get compliments about the quality of work he does. Mark adapts well to challenges to accommodate his clients. I will go back to him for my next tattoo and I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a tattoo artist they can trust! His diverse level of talent has left some great marks in this world.

Linda Nette | Calgary Alberta

Specializing in hard to remove Blue and Green ink

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