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Tattoo Removal Client

I am so impressed with the services offered at Flashpoint. Everything from the laser removal treatments to my finished cover-up has been an amazing experience. My laser tattoo removal treatments showed amazing progress, right down to the point where I could get new vibrant colourful work put right back over that removal area to make my tattoo complete. The staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I so look forward to coming back to see them again. I highly recommend getting treatments, tattoos or any other service provided by them..... they are Amazeballs!!

Sara Boake | Kelowna BC, 2016

Tattoo Removal Client

Mark and his team at Flashpoint are very knowledgeable and quite the group of experts in their field. I utilized the Medical laser tattoo removal services for all 3 of my tattoos and I am over the moon happy with the end results.. I had 3 tattoos on my upper body and now you wouldn't even know I had tattoos at all! I am so happy with the results and the overall experience. I was kept informed on the process, my progress and what I was to expect during my treatments. My technician answered all my questions and educated me on the equipment and how the tattoo removal process worked. Initially I really didn't know what to expect, But I soon saw results and was thrilled to see my tattoos fading away to eventually nothing. If you are considering tattoo removal, know that you are in excellent hands with this fine group of professionals...


Goldie Anderson | Kelowna BC, 2016

Tattoo Client

My experience at Flashpoint Laser clinic has been quite a positive one. Over the last few years I have been coming to this business to see the technician here for tattoo removal. The treatments have been an amazing success and I am happy to say that this exceeded my expectation in terms of final results. Flashpoints dedication to the best treatments doesn't stop at having incredibly knowledgeable technicians, but having the best equipment on the market from what I've researched also plays a key factor. After completing my tattoo removal treatments I reviewed some of the portfolios of artists at the Flashpoint location it was quite clear they are some of the finest artists in the Area.Currently I am getting a number of different tattoo pieces done through these artist and would go nowhere else.The sessions are seemingly timeless and the staff are exceedingly polite individuals and good conversationalists.


Devon Mortifee | Kelowna BC, 2016

Specializing in hard to remove Blue and Green ink

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