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Flashpoint Lazer Clinic

We specialize in safely and effectively removing tattoos in a clinical setting. Our certified lazer technicians provide unsurpassed quality service.

Flashpoint Lazer Clinic is committed to upholding the highest quality treatment. We provide services that allow people to rethink their outlook on tattoo's being permanent.

We provide lazer tattoo removal service which can dramatically change a persons appearance. Tattoo renewal can also promote a new and fresh start by making and old tattoo that a person may hide, into something beautiful that they would be happy to show their family and friends.

People of all walks of life have tattoo's. 1 in 4 people in Canada has a tattoo. There is a time and place for everything. When the time comes for tattoo removal or renewal Flashpoint Laser Clinic is here to see you through.

Removal Process

The Decision

We’ve heard every reason under the sun. From a relationship change to changing professional demands, the reason for your removal is yours alone. Getting a tattoo is often a big life choice and getting one erased permanently often is too.

To help with your decision, we encourage you to ask yourself the questions below:

  • Why did you get your tattoo in the first place?
  • Are you prepared to “erase” that investment?
  • Is the reason for removal permanent or possibly a hair trigger reaction to recent events?
  • Do you understand how removal works?
  • Are you willing to go through the long process of removal?
  • Can you afford removal?


Our technicians will talk with you about your motivations for removal and any concerns and questions about the removal process. They will discuss tattoo removal pricing, pain management and recovery and give you an estimate for the number of sessions required as well as total cost.

The tattoo removal consultation is both private and personal and will help you to decide if tattoo removal is right for you. To schedule an appointment, please Contact Us. A fee of $40 is charged for a consultation. With a decision to proceed with a tattoo removal treatment the $40 fee will be used as a credit towards the first removal session

Tattoo Removal Sessions

The number of sessions required for removal depends on a variety of factors, and our experts have extensive knowledge of the skin and the inks that comprise all types of tattoos. They are certified lazer technicians with broad experience working with a variety of skin types.

Tattoo Removal sessions last no more than 20 minutes for maximum effectiveness and to fully protect the skin. Recovery time needed between sessions is set at 6-8 weeks to allow for proper healing. The number of sessions required will be determined by the way your skin responds to the laser, the depth of ink pigments and the types of inks. We’ll work with you at consultation to provide a best estimate on the number of sessions that will be required to safely, successfully and expediently remove your tattoo.


Recovery from each laser tattoo removal treatment is ideally advised at 6-8 weeks. This may seem like a long wait; however, the skin needs extensive time to fully heal in order to prevent blistering and permanent scaring. Patience is an important part of this process. We customize a treatment calendar with you following your first session to setup the best schedule possible for removing your tattoo in a timely, safety conscious manner. Adjustments are made for more sensitive skin, varying financial budgets and personal preferences.

Specializing in hard to remove Blue and Green ink

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