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Flashpoint Lazer Clinic

We specialize in safely and effectively removing tattoos in a clinical setting. Our certified lazer technicians provide unsurpassed quality service.

Flashpoint Lazer Clinic is committed to upholding the highest quality treatment. We provide services that allow people to rethink their outlook on tattoo's being permanent.

We provide lazer tattoo removal service which can dramatically change a persons appearance. Tattoo renewal can also promote a new and fresh start by making and old tattoo that a person may hide, into something beautiful that they would be happy to show their family and friends.

People of all walks of life have tattoo's. 1 in 4 people in Canada has a tattoo. There is a time and place for everything. When the time comes for tattoo removal or renewal Flashpoint Laser Clinic is here to see you through.

Removal Education

Tattoo inks, color and your skin tone, all affect removal

At Flashpoint Lazer Tattoo Removal, we understand that you might not know what ink was used for your tattoo. You may have homemade tattoos or unregulated inks in your skin. This means the tattoo ink can permeate the skin tissue to a depth of anywhere from just below the skin surface to a very deep level. During consultation, we’ll examine pigmentation, speak to you about where you received your tattoo and determine what inks were used to offer a proper estimate on the complexity of your tattoo removal process and quote you accordingly.

Not only do our tattoo removal experts take skin tone into consideration in the consultation phase, they also refer to the colors of ink used in your skin. As you’ll see below, the general rule of thumb is that darker inks are easier to remove and lighter colors are more difficult. Our experts will take a look at your inks and compare them to your skin type as an important step in assessing the length of time your personalized removal process will take.

Tattoo Removal Scale


Types of tattoo ink

A wide variety of ink types are used across the tattoo industry. Certified artists and amateurs favor their own blends or professional brands, some of which are sanctioned by the FDA and some that are not. Below is a list of commonly used ink types. To assist us in an even more accurate consultation process, it is helpful if you ask your artist what inks were used in your skin.

  • Henna
  • White
  • Intenze
  • Starbrite
  • Homemade
  • UV
  • Kuro Sumi
  • SkinCandy

Skin tone

Tattoo artists and removal experts will tell you that skin type impacts your unique removal experience. While removal also considers ink type, depth of penetration, quality of laser and the skill of the technician administering the treatment, skin tone is often overlooked.

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a respected scientific method developed by a Harvard University dermatologist, that allows removal experts to use a numerical scale to assign a value to the skin type. This determination can then be used in removal to gauge potential for scarring and white spots in addition to the necessary recovery time between sessions. Our technicians are well trained in using this scale at consultation in order to advise the proper course of action for your tattoo removal.


At Flashpoint Lazer Tattoo Removal we understand that your skin type is a major factor in how easily ink can be removed from the tissue. Different skin tones react differently to different inks. There is no universal approach to tattoo removal. Anyone telling you otherwise doesn’t have the experience necessary to safely and successfully remove your tattoo.

Specializing in hard to remove Blue and Green ink

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