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Flashpoint Lazer Clinic

We specialize in safely and effectively removing tattoos in a clinical setting. Our certified lazer technicians provide unsurpassed quality service.

Flashpoint Lazer Clinic is committed to upholding the highest quality treatment. We provide services that allow people to rethink their outlook on tattoo's being permanent.

We provide lazer tattoo removal service which can dramatically change a persons appearance. Tattoo renewal can also promote a new and fresh start by making and old tattoo that a person may hide, into something beautiful that they would be happy to show their family and friends.

People of all walks of life have tattoo's. 1 in 4 people in Canada has a tattoo. There is a time and place for everything. When the time comes for tattoo removal or renewal Flashpoint Laser Clinic is here to see you through.

In Focus | Mark Beaulieu of Flashpoint Laser Clinic

mark-flashpoint Mark Beaulieu strongly believes in giving people a second chance. He is privileged to be someone who can offer these chances at redemption through his business Flashpoint Laser Clinic Inc.

Flashpoint specializes in medical laser tattoo removal, giving people a fresh start, whether it’s removing that old tattoo that’s on a face or someone’s hands. Marks says that "At some point it may affect confidence for jobs or just being in the public eye. Whether its removal or renewal, Flashpoint laser clinic will be there to see it through." Mark seeks to make his services as affordable as possible so that average people can afford them.

Today Mark and Flashpoint Laser Clinic are In Focus.

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MedicAlert Tattoos

600 medic alert1 101114 For the better part of five decades, people with chronic health problems or severe allergies have worn MedicAlert bracelets to alert emergency staff to their conditions. But now there’s a new trend, with some people turning to medical tattoos.

Emma Bortolon Vettor, 19, is one of those who has a tattoo to tell the world she has a medical condition. The tattoo names her condition (called chronic adrenal hyperplasia) and the medication she needs in case of an emergency.

Vettor says that after years of going through plenty of MedicAlert bracelets and chains, she decided a tattoo on her arm would be the best way to ensure she’s always properly identified.

"I find I lose my bracelet, and they tend to break. So why not have a tattoo?" she says.

She says the tattoo cost her about $150, while her MedicAlert registration carries a $39 annual fee. But Vettor also remains registered with MedicAlert and has her registration number included in the tattoo, just in case.

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Maxine DeHart - Kelowna Capital News July 12 2011

Capital_news_tn Believe it or not, with the apparent popularity of tattoos, there are some people who actually want their tattoos removed. Specializing in tattoo removal, Mark Beaulieu has started a new business venture called Flashpoint Lazer Clinic, at 157D Rutland Road South. With 10 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Beaulieu’s new clinic makes for a unique place where people can be assured their tattoo removal needs are made a priority with proper removal techniques. Call 778-753-5555. Click here to view the full article.

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