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Flashpoint Lazer Clinic

We specialize in safely and effectively removing tattoos in a clinical setting. Our certified lazer technicians provide unsurpassed quality service.

Flashpoint Lazer Clinic is committed to upholding the highest quality treatment. We provide services that allow people to rethink their outlook on tattoo's being permanent.

We provide lazer tattoo removal service which can dramatically change a persons appearance. Tattoo renewal can also promote a new and fresh start by making and old tattoo that a person may hide, into something beautiful that they would be happy to show their family and friends.

People of all walks of life have tattoo's. 1 in 4 people in Canada has a tattoo. There is a time and place for everything. When the time comes for tattoo removal or renewal Flashpoint Laser Clinic is here to see you through.

Laser Tattoo Removal Examples

  • before-and-after-removal-02

  • before-and-after-removal-01

  • before-and-after-removal-03

Fade the tattoo enough to cover.... or fade off completly the choice is yours.

Removed with the Quanta System:
Before Using the Quanta System After Using the Quanta System

Before Using the Quanta System

After Using the Quanta System

Remove your tattoo completely or fade it down so it can be covered with another tattoo in this area!..Examples of faded down in order to cover below. These examples are 4 treatments over a 7 month span...




Once a tattoo is completely removed some shadowing may occur. This is a normal occurrence and it does happen with some people. With different skin tones results may vary. This effect may take a few weeks or a few years for the body to even out the melanin in the skin tone. Your tattoo removal specialist will be able to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please book a consultation today.

Specializing in hard to remove Blue and Green ink

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